Charlie Baker Criticizes Bob Beckel in Letter to GBFAA and BFF

By David Li,

Boston, August 15, 2014, — In a recent letter to Greater Boston Fudan University Alumni Association(GBFAA) and Boston Forward Foundation(BFF), MA Governor candidate Charlie Baker wrote: “I am, like most of you, disgusted by Fox News commentator Bob Bechel’s use of the word ‘Chinamen.’ The ignorance and hate in his comments are repugnant and have no place in our political discourse.”

On July 26, Charlie Baker attended a town hall meeting at 800 West Cummings Park in Woburn, Mass., and talked about the three center pieces of his campaign: education, jobs and community. He also answered questions from the roughly 150 Fudan University alumni, members of Boston Forward Foundation in the audience.

Charles Baker was the 2010 MA Republican Nominee for Governor. He was the Secretary of Health and Human Services and Secretary of Administration and Finance under two Massachusetts governors in 1990s. He spent ten years as the CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare. During his tenure as CEO, he turned Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare from a company on the verge of bankruptcy into America’s Best Health Plan for five straight years. The following is a thank-you letter Charlie Baker wrote.
Founded in 1905 in Shanghai, China, Fudan University is one of the oldest and most selective universities in China. The Greater Boston Fudan University Alumni Association(GBFAA) has orgnized a series of Fudan Forum lectures in last couple years under leadership of president Lu Gao. The website of GBFAA is

According to its website, Boston Forward Foundation is an organization aimed at promoting racial equality and political participation by minorities. It’s based in Boston, and looks forward to sharing experiences and lessons with folks from all over the country.

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