Prof. Qingyuan Hu: the Greatest Chinese Stone Carving Artist Visits Harvard

By Mylovetea “Dr. Tea” (1-225-3041387, [email protected])

Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 14, 2014, — Prof. Qingyuan Hu, the best known Chinese stone carving artist visited Harvard, Yale and many other universities and places of interests during his invited trip to USA in 2014. The two most astonishing events are his stone seal carving demonstration at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio and his visits to Dr. Tea at Harvard.
Prof. Qingyuan Hu couple (middle) and students enjoyed a tour guided by Dr. Tea (Right) and Gary Yu(Left) at Harvard(provided to

Prof. Qingyuan Hu is a professor at Department of Art of Tsinghua University, the best university in China. He also serves as a member for Chinese Artists Association, Chinese Calligraphers Association & Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute. He is widely considered as a national treasure for China and the No.1 Chinese stone carving artist.
President David Hodge of Miami University at Oxford, OH accepts stone seal carving gift from Prof. Qingyuan Hu

His representative works includ “China National Museum Stone”, “Tsinghua University Centennial Stone”, “Stone of the Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations”, and many national gifts represented to foreign leaders such as Presidents of North Korea and South Korea, Premiers of Singapore, Japan and Thailand etc. All of them were highly praised and received certifications as honorable national gifts from the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress of China.

The pictures below are retaken from the book collecting his masterpieces Prof. Qingyuan. Hu gave as a gift to Dr. Tea. They inclue masterpieces such as China National Museum Stone, Tsinghua University Centennial Stone, Tsinghua University Centennial Stone, Stone of the Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, and Prof. Qingyuan Hu`s masterpiece as national gifts to President of South Korea Roh Moo Hyun, and Premier of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong.

The above mentioned masterpieces are just among a few of his magnificent masterpieces. How he make this happen is kind of mysterious to most of us. Luckily, his trip to USA made it vivid to us how those masterpieces are created and how he lives an artistic life.

President David Hodge considered the stone carving gift as a great honor to the university. Prof. Hu’s masterpiece at Tsinghua University becomes a famous landscape in the campus.

Vivid Demonstration

He was firstly invited to UMiami @Oxford, OH where he showed a vivid demonstration about Chinese stone carving. This vivid demonstration is considered to be a once in a life time high-niche demonstration by professors and students on the spot.

In his demonstration, he craved the words:” 大吉利 (meaning Grand Fortune)” on one side and the famous ancient Chinese Poem (written about 1000 years ago) by Du Mu of Tang Dynasty: A trip into the mountains (山行) on the other side of the seal.

“It is life-changing”—said by someone on the spot. The artwork was given to the President of the university, David Hodge, who and other leaders accompanied Prof. Hu, his wife and his students Dr. Zhou & Wang for a tour guide.

After the vivid demonstration at U Miami, Prof. Hu, his wife and his students visited Dr. Tea and Gary at Harvard and have a nice conversation about his artistic life. Dr. Tea is famous around Harvard for being an entrepreneur and culture leader for his enormous effort for moving forward the tea science, art and culture to a new era.

Prof. Hu shared his story about working in a mason factory about 40 years ago, when he, like others of his time, were not have access to study formally during the Cultural Revolution and how he excels by studying privately and finally become an excellent professor in the best university in China. People can easily feel his happiness in both his art and life. He said: “Art is about creation and perfection. Life is the greatest art. Enjoy life as much as you can.”

"Dr. tea" also shared about his artistic life: born from the best-known tea village, finished his Ph.D. in Nanomedicine(drugs for cancer treatment)and four other STEM degrees, started his own company (My Love Tea) integrating best tea provider, tea science, engineering, culture, poetry,art,tea ceremony & tea history etc to form a great cuIture platform:Mlt: Tea Harvard Culture Community! He is the creator and leader of the world (tea) culture of
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Mrs. Hu expressed her happiness to see all the people especially Dr. Tea for his passion and effort to spread Chinese culture overseas. She insisted to took pictures with Dr. Tea which is a great encouragement to Dr. Tea. Dr. Tea expressed his thankfulness for the encouragement and said he will fulfil the culture mission with joy and persistence.
After the Harvard tour, Prof. Hu is very happy to give the book showing his artworks to Dr. Tea for culture and art exchange. Many of the pictures about Prof. Hu`s artwork are from this book.

Amazed by the excellent job Prof. Qingyuan Hu has done, people understood why Prof. Qingyuan Hu is the No.1 Chinese stone carving artist. His artworks are carved into the mountains and landscapes, into the history of Chinese art and culture. He is a great artist for being the national treasure! He, himself as an artist, is a great model of creation and perfecrion. As he said: “Art is about creation and perfection!”

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