Neil Chyten to Lecture on Important Changes in New SAT and Common Core on May 21

By Victor Chen,

Newton, Mass., May 11, 2015, — With the SAT is just around the corner, many parents and students are still unaware of the significant changes in the new SAT. And many of them have little knowledge about the Common Core, a new set of national standards of what students should know in match and English. They could have many of their questions answers by attending a lecture by well-known SAT/ACT expert Newl Chyten at Chyten Headquarters on 858 Walnut Street, Newton, Mass. from 6:30 – 8:30 PM on May 21.
Chyten_Event 5-21-15

Speaker Neil Chyten is an education industry expert and will discuss with parents the connections between the Common Core and today’s new GPA scoring and new tests.

Chyten Center offers students free diagnostic tests in English and math in order to determine their level and suggest a course of action. Grades 3-8.  Also, come learn about the New PSAT and New SAT. Those attending will receive a coupon for a free ACT vs. New SAT Comparison Test for students who must still decide which test is best.

Chyten’s ACT vs. New SAT Comparison Test is the first and most accurate in the U.S.  Space is limited so call to reserve your seat: 800-428-8278   Or email: [email protected].

From the Cloud of Common Core Madness and Test Prep Chaos — A Leader Emerges

The Common Core Stand Standards have become a lightning rod for parental confusion, charged by the seemingly incessant curriculum changes and litany of new tests. Through the madness it took a man with a simple mission to make sense of it all. That man is test prep pioneer Neil Chyten, founder of Chyten Educational Services. His mission is to change lives through education.

Chyten got his start in 1981 when he toured the eastern seaboard as a study skills expert. Later, he became a private tutor, but before too long the entrepreneurial bug hit him hard. In 1984, he started the company that would later bear his name. As a tutor, he deconstructed the SAT as if it were made of Legos and devised imaginative strategies that locally earned him a simple yet fitting title: The SAT Guy.

Since that time he has continued to deconstruct tests. He has authored or coauthored several test prep and study skills books and owns several Chyten Tutoring and Test Prep locations. But with so many changes descending upon American education so quickly, he saw a unique opportunity—to reassemble the once familiar academic puzzle pieces of math, reading, writing, science and public speaking that had become fused under the blazing heat of the Common Core.

According to Chyten, confusion is rampant. He bases this belief on discussions he has had with parents about their children’s academic challenges and opportunities. Yet, Chyten believes that this confusion is unnecessary, just as confusion over a math question is easily resolved by seeing alternative pathways to a solution.

“With instruction in America aligning under the Common Core we saw an opportunity to build a series of programs that would both help students boost their GPAs and improve test scores,” said Chyten. “The result is the creation of our new GPA Booster and New Generation Programs. Each week, students receive blended instruction framed around interesting themes. This creates an environment for significant increases in the essential skills that translate to higher GPAs, as well as test scores on PARCC, Smarter Balanced, ISEE, SSAT, ACT, and the New SAT.”

According to Chyten, the goals in creating the program are much more profound than merely helping students earn higher grades and test scores. They are 1) to prepare students for the rigors of college academics, 2) to help students earn higher scholarships, and 3) to help students build skills that lead to richer, more rewarding careers. The concept seems to have caught on quickly. In its first year, New Generation attracted more than 100 students to his Newton, Massachusetts location. Next year, the program expands to his other locations in Wellesley, Lexington, Sudbury and Framingham.

Established by Neil Chyten in 1984, Chyten Educational Services has helped more than 35,000 families achieve academic success. Chyten requires its tutors to have master’s degree tutors and it writes its own curriculum for test prep and academic advancement. To learn more about Chyten, please visit its website:, or, or call 800-428-8378(TEST).