Amy Gu Attends Harvard China Education Symposium

Cambridge, April 23, 2016, — Amy Gu is a rising star in the global Hi-Tech industry. Based in Beijing, Ms. Gu is general partner of Hemi Ventures which invests in frontier tech startup in U.S. She is also growth advisor to many Silicon Valley companies including Udacity that brings accessible, affordable and lifelong education to the world.

Harvard China Education Symposium was founded in 2010. This year’s China Education Symposium Annual Conference is held on April 23-24 at Harvard School of Education. The theme of the conference is China’s Education in the 21st Century.

Ms. Gu has extensive experience in running start-up in the mobile Internet space in China with focus in making world a better place with the technology innovation. From 2011 to 2015, she helped expand Evernote’s user base to 15 million in China , the second-biggest market of Evernote with fast revenue growth. It is considered as one of the best entries for Silicon Valley companies in China. The move has helped to establish both business model and mental model for most U.S. tech companies to enter china.

Prior to joining Evernote, Ms. Gu have run two Internet start-ups in China, including a push notification service for business and an online stock investment simulation platform for Chinese stock market. She also worked in China Mobile and British Telecom developing strategic carrier partnership and new product design.

Ms. Gu has an MBA degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business, a Master’s degree from Hong Kong University, and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. She is named as the Most Creative People of 2015 by Fast Company.