You Are Invited to Japan Festival Boston on April 24

Date: Sunday, April 24, 2016
Location: Boston Common
Time: 11am – 6pm
Admission: free (no tickets necessary)
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Public Transportation

MBTA Green Line – Park Street or Boylston stations
MBTA Red Line – Park Street station
MBTA Silver Line – SL5: Boylston Street station
For more information on planning your specific MBTA route, visit the MBTA Trip

For parking information nearby, click here.

About Japan Festival Boston

The first Japan Festival Boston was held in 2012, on the 100th anniversary of the planting of a diplomatic gift of Japanese cherry trees in American soil. Packed with more than 60 universities including MIT and Harvard, Boston is the premier “college town” and a nexus for the brightest minds in the U.S.A. The historic red brick and stone-cobbled streets harken to Boston’s days as the first capital of the newly founded America. It is in this City of Boston, near to the heart of American culture, that we are once again proud to open this year’s Japan Festival.

Our Festival Philosophy

We hope to continue this festival tradition for the next 100 years in order to:

1. Introduce Japan’s true culture to America, and pass these traditions to future generations.
2. Bring the diverse local community together as one.
3. Express our love and gratitude to the City of Boston.

It is our vision that Japan Festival Boston continues for 100 years and more in order to build a spirit of cooperation that extends beyond the festival itself and remains in the community. In addition, we hope that by sharing Japanese culture with America, we can foster further cultural understanding and build even better relations between the two nations. We feel it is our duty to preserve these Japanese traditions and pass them down to future generations. And finally, we wish to convey our deep thanks to our local community, and to Boston as a promoter of global peace.

Our Goals for the Festival

We wish be a preeminent source for Japanese culture outside of Japan. Even if you can’t make it to Japan, we want you to still have a chance to learn Japanese culture by visiting Japan Festival Boston. Ultimately, want the world to say “If you want to know Japanese festivals, culture, and traditions, go to Japan Festival Boston!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in the festival!!

The Steering Committee of Japan Festival Boston