Another Week, Another High Profile Shooting

By David Li,

I called my editor in NYC this morning, and she told me that her morning commute to midtown office on East 41st street was delayed due to shootings at the Empire State Building. I was glad that she made to office safely. Please check out details about the shootings in the CNN video below.

According to wire reports, at least 10 people have been shot in a NYC shooting in front of the Empire State Building on Friday, August 24. So far, two people — including the gunman, a former fashion industry worker — were reportedly killed. Jeffrey Johnson, was a women’s accessory designer for six years at Hazan Imports until the company downsized a year ago. Jeffrey, 56, disgruntled over being fired, shot a 41-year-old former co-worker three times at close range with a .45 caliber handgun, officials told the Chicago Tribune. In return, the gunman was reportedly killed by police officials.

No sure what to make of the latest shooting. There have been shootings at movie theater, religious center, and now office building in recent weeks. I don’t see an end in-sight as nothing has been done to fight back against gun violence even after these high profile shootings, and a heated political season is still in front of us.

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