Gansu Dance Theatre Brings Splendid Silk Road to the Hanover Theatre

Photos by John Tsou

Worcester, Mass., March, 8, 2013, — In the evening of March 6, 60 dancers from Gansu Dance Theatre of Gansu province, China presented the award-winning Silk Road dance show at Hanover Theatre in Worcester, Mass. Tens of thousands miles away from home, the dancers performed with such passion and devotion that brought alive the rich and ancient cultures along the Silk Road during Tang Dynasty to the audience.

In a radio interview, Wei Zhou, who was in charge of marketing and PR for Gansu Dance Theatre’s US tour, mentioned that Gansu Dance Theatre was established in 1961 to research, create and perform music and dance reflecting culture of Dunhuang, renounced for its natural beauty and historic role in the Silk Road. Many of the dances were based on the beautiful paintings and sculptures of Dunhuang. The Silk Road dance show was performed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, and received rave reviews in its tour around the world. The only other stop for this year’s US tour was at Lincoln Center in New York City.

According to, Dunhuang’s grottoes, remarkably preserved in the desert environment of the Silk Road for 17 centuries, remain an inspiration to all who journey there. It’s one of World Heritage Sites. Buddhist culture, brought to China by monks and pilgrims, was enshrined at Dunhuang by merchants, officials and aristocrats who commissioned decorated caves in a nearby cliff, known as Mogaoku or “peerless caves,” 492 remain.
In the audience, Beatrice Lee of Medford, Mass. had actually traveled to the Silk Road before. “I had been to Silk Road twice. I was in Nanzhou, Ningxia province, and even traveled to Russia twice along one of the Silk Road routes. I enjoyed the show a lot. The grape vines especially gave me the best impression. All the dances had beautiful setup scenery and exquisite costumes. Fantastic facial expression and marvelous body language by the performed,” said Beatrice seating in the front row. She felt it would be helpful if there was pamphlet to tell the stories behind the dances for those who might not know a lot about the history of the Silk Road.

Please enjoy some wonderful pictures from the Silk Road show at Hanover Theatre by photographer John Tsou below.

Behind the Scenes with Wei Zhou of Silk Road on WCRN 830AM
Aired on Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 9am on WCRN 830AM. Wei Zhou, who handled marketing & PR for Gansu Dance Theatre’s Silk Road, was interviewed by host Lisa Conduit for WCRN 830AM.

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