Goodbye to Iris Chang, and Happy New Year!

By Beatrice Lee, columnist

Iris Hsiao-Hung Chang came from Taiwan University to be a visiting scholar in Yen-jing and Harvard for three months since Sept. and has stayed with me as a house guest. She was such a delightful person to be with. Iris Chang has a Ph.D. in English Literature from University of Michigan, and had been to Harvard before.

I didn’t need to “Americanize” her at all. As a matter of fact, she reminds me of Yinger loves theater and stage show so much that we even joined the Reagle Theater group to New York weekend in Nov 5 plays in 3 days. That was fantastic!!!! She returned to Tai-Da few days ago. I miss her already.

The photos were taken at Betty Cheng’s house at a farewell party. I enjoyed my newly acquired skill in using my iphone 4 (took, crop and sent).

Did you know she was such good cook? They are such good neighbors live on the other side of Grove street. In Winchester (was our neighbor too 30 years ago), they probably pay twice as much as property tax than I do in West Medford.

Han MiMi is my two block down neighbor, a great dancer. She donated /cooked a 20lb Turkey Thanksgiving for my GBCCA Senior group, and took Iris, Gwen and me for a Halloween dance in Lombardi Vincent’s night club. Boy, that was my 1st time in five years. I couldn’t stand the loud Rock and Roll music anymore, but enjoyed a great deal of those Halloween customs like years ago with Raymond.

Thank the Good Lord that we are given good family, great health, wonderful friends, and enough wealth to take care of ourselves. Just be kind to ourselves, appreciate what we have, be kind and compassionate to others.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!