Don Berwick Pitches to Voters in Boston Chinatown

By David Li,

Boston, April 7, 2013, — Democratic Governor candidate Don Berwick met with voters in a community room in Boston Chinatown recently as part of the “Corner Office” Forum Series sponsored by Governor’s Asian American Commission. Dr. Berwick listened to the concerns from about two dozens Chinatown residents and answered their questions.
Mr. Berwick (middle) answers question from Henry Yee (left) with help from Patrick Tai (right), photo by Tong Chen.

Graduated from Harvard Medical School, Berwick devoted his work to medicine and health care. He is also the former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Obama administration. He founded the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, an innovative non-profit working to improve the delivery of quality medical care.

With his medical background, Berwick said his focus would be health care and poverty as a governor. Berwick mentioned that it was his duty to help the 15 percent people in poverty in this state.

In the QA session, Berwick answered questions from Chinatown residents, including those from Henry Yee, co-president of Chinatown Residents’ Association. He promised that he would try his best to address the concerns from Chinatown residents and to help Asian Americans.

“As a doctor, what I would do first is not to talk, but to let others talk,” said Berwick with a smile.

According to Leverett Wing, the forum is hosted by Governor Deval Patrick’s Asian American Commission/Advisory Council and a network of 25 Asian American community organizations (see list, below). This Forum Series represents an historic show of unity and civic engagement by the Asian American community.

Community Partner List (alphabetically):
– Asian American Civic Association
– Asian American Journalists Association of NE
– Asian American Lawyers Association of MA
– Asian American Resource Workshop
– Asian Community Development Corporation
– Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote)
– Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence
– Asian Women for Health
– Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
– Boston Asian Youth Essential Services
– Chinatown Main Street
– Chinatown Residents Association
– Chinese Progressive Association
– Governor Deval Patrick’s Asian American Commission/Advisory Council
– Indian American Forum for Political Education
– Institute for Asian American Studies – U/MA Boston
– Japanese American Citizens League of NE
– Korean American Citizens League of NE
– Kwong Kow Chinese School
– National Association of Asian American Professionals – Boston
– MAP for Health
– Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.
– South Asian Arts Council
– South Cove Manor
– Viet-Aid