Dr. Hou Lectures about IP Strategy in China at Cambridge Innovation Center

Cambridge, Mass., January 19, 2019, New England Association of Chinese Professionals (NEACP) invited Ching-Cheng (James) Hou to deliver a speech “Bio-Pharm Companies’ Winning Strategy in China from the Perspective of Intellectual Property” at Cambridge Innovation Center today. This is a full-house event, attracted about thirty people in 18 seating conference room; and the event attracted different backgrounds, MD, entrepreneurs, Phd. Students, professors and government officials, etc. Yafen Kang, VP and Professor Chung Hwa, Board members, of NEACP attended the event. Dr. Yu-Feng Wei is the moderator of the event.

Dr. James Hou came to the US this time because he was invited by Columbia Law School to be a Visiting Scholar. As a young rising star in IP both in Taiwan and China, James is founding partner of Ching-Cheng Attorneys at Law (Taipei) and founder of China Intellectual Property Information and Consulting Co.(Nanjing, China). James has three master degrees: LLM from National Taiwan University, MBA from National Chengchi University and LLM from University of Pennsylvania. He obtained his Ph.D. from Peking University (China) in 2017. He is barred in Taipei and the New York State.

In the speech, James shared his insights about four aspect: the value of Chinese patents, the IP environment in China now and future, the must-knows for foreign bio-pharm companies that want to enter into Chinese market, the trend of Chinese bio-pharm patents. Compared to traditional IP lecturers, James’ speech put IP into the larger business context, which reflects James’ belief that IP’s value will be realized only when IP can be appreciated by capital market and IP can be the weapon to exploring certain markets. This is also China Intellectual Property Information and Consulting Co.’s unique business model.

During and after the speech, there were a lot of audience asking questions to James. James’ topic really arose people’s interests. James is also considering expanding his business in the US. NEACP is willing to see our members to have cooperation with him. After the event, NEACP hosted James’ family and guests to lunch at Mulan.

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