Campaigning for City Council, Michelle Wu Launches “50 Ideas for Boston Families”

Boston, August 6, 2013 — Michelle Wu, candidate for Boston City Council At-Large, visited thirteen neighborhoods in Boston yesterday, Monday, August 5, as she released “50 ideas for Boston Families: Pipelines to Opportunity” to mark 50 days remaining until the September 24th Preliminary Election. Michelle Wu started Monday’s tour at 6:30 AM in South End.

Mayoral Candidate Charlotte Richie Convenes Youth Dialogue on Trayvon Martin Verdict

Boston, July 30, 2013 – Charlotte Golar Richie hosted a youth summit on Saturday, July 27, and discussed issues related to the criminal justice system and its impact on the city’s youth, particularly young men of color. The discussions centered on ways to be proactive in dealing with the myriad of issues impacting young men and […]

Community Marches to Remain, Reclaim, and Rebuild Boston Chinatown

BOSTON, July 17, 2013 – About 200 Chinatown residents and their supporters marched, drummed, and sang their way through Chinatown today in a protest action called “Tour R Chinatown.” Sponsored by the Chinese Progressive Association and the Right to the City Alliance, participants called for “public land for the public good” and support for community […]

White House Report Highlights the Economic Benefits of Immigration Reform

White House Report: The Economic Benefits of Fixing Our Broken Immigration System  “So if we’re truly committed to strengthening our middle class and providing more ladders of opportunity to those who are willing to work hard to make it into the middle class, we’ve got to fix the system. We have to make sure that […]

Diaoyu Islands: “Stolen” Territory since 1895

There are solid reasons for China to claim ownership of the Diaoyu Islands. The islands have been under the jurisdiction of China’s navy as islands affiliated with Taiwan since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The Ming and Qing dynasties of China exercised sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands and their affiliated islands, and officially included them in […]

Glory or Tragedy: What Did the 2011 Egyptian Revolution Bring?

By Na Ma, Indiana University (Hundreds of thousands protesters took on the streets across Egypt on Sunday, June 30, to demand outing of President Morsi. In this indepth interview, Ghazzal Ali, a participant of the revolution that ousted then President Mubarak two years ago and now a student at Indiana University, reflected on his journey.) […]