HUST President Li Peigen’s N.A. Visit Aimed to Attract Talents Overseas

From Dec. 4 to 12, HUST (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) delegation headed by its president Prof. Li Peigen visited some famous universities in Canada and the U.S. in order to develop substantive cooperation with these universities, recruit high-level talents and promote HUST’s internationalization process.

Prof. Li had a meeting with Dr. Joseph E. Aoun, president of Northeast University

On Dec. 4, the delegation came to the University of Alberta, Canada. Prof. Li had a meeting with its vice president Lorne Babiuk and the dean of the Faculty of Engineering David Lynch. Prof. Li signed the intercollegiate cooperation memorandum with its vice president Martin Ferguson-Pell. The delegation also visited Canada’s National Nanotechnology Laboratory and the Clean Coal Research Center.

Alberta is a major province of energy in Canada, with its rich resources of coal and oil. The University of Alberta is one of the five research-based universities in Canada. It has obvious advantages in nanotechnology and clean coal technology. During the meeting, the university hoped to join the Sino-U.S. Advanced Coal Technology Consortia after knowing that HUST was the Chinese lead unit of the Consortia. In the evening, the delegation also had a meeting with HUST alumni in Alberta.

On Dec. 6th, Education Counselor from the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto Mr. Fang Jun met with HUST delegation. Mr. Fang introduced the education development in Canada and the basic situation of international communication with China. And he also indicated that the cooperation between HUST and universities in Canada should be promoted.

On Dec. 7, the delegation visited Northeastern University, Boston, U.S. the university attached great importance to this visit and made considerate arrangement. The delegation met with the university’s president Dr. Joseph E. Aoun, vice presidents Stephen W. Dirctor, Bruce Ronkin, Mel Bernstein and Robert P. Lowndes. They reached a consensus in Experiential Learning & Co-op, staff and students exchange and research cooperation.

Located in central Boston, Northeastern University was established in 1898, and it is the largest private research university in U.S. The university is famous for its Co-op Program.

There were also two talent recruitment events in Toronto and in Boston on Dec. 6 and 8 respectively. The event in Boston was held at Harvard University School of Education. Li Peigein gave speeches and had talks with young scholars. And many of them submitted their resumes and had in-depth one on one talks with delegation members. The responses from the roughly 100 attendees were so overwhelming that the planned two-hour event extended for almost one hour.

In the afternoon of Dec. 8, Li Peigein met with HUST alumnus Prof. Gang Chen, academician of America’s National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and professor of MIT. He also visited the Harvard Medical School and alumnus Prof. He Xi’s lab.

During the visit, the delegation met with alumni in Toronto, Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

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