Pictures and Videos from 2013 NCLS Chinese New Year Celebration

By Newton Chinese Language School

In the evening of Feb. 16, 2013, the Newton Chinese Language School (NCLS) traditional Chinese New Year celebration performance was held at Regis College in Weston, Mass. Thanks to the over 300 performers and the event administration staff, it was a great teamwork, and it has demonstrated the talents and hard work provided by the NCLS families.
Folk dance. (photo by Wei Tang)

Special thanks go to the Event Committee for planning the show so well; Yongqi and Rui have been working very hard in the past few weeks managing all the programs; Yongqi has conducted the rehearsal and the entire performance smoothly. Congratulations to PCC, led by Yuan and Li, PCC executed the plan so well. The school can always count on PCC for such a big event.

This year’s stage design is very unique. Special thanks to Faith and the decoration team. The stage lighting and audio control were executed very well too this year. Yibing, Yao, Liu Zheng and Jianhua, the job was well done!

We also want to thank the NCLS Board and all school admins for their tireless contribution. Thanks to the school journal editor, Tang Wei, for the tons of work in editing videos and creating program brochure.

Please enjoy the videos of this event taken by experienced video photographer Hongbin Luo, and the photos taken by Wei Tang. Thanks to Hongbin and Wei!

smilencls's NCLS_2013_Spring_Festival album on Photobucket