Donations Called for Families of Four Chinese Victims of Fatal Car Accident

Dear Friends,

With a very saddened heart, we’d like to tell you the tragedy happened on December 14, Saturday at around 8:10 PM, in Gainesville, Florida, mileage mark 387 on highway I-75. This fatal crash resulted in three people died on the spot and two others in critical condition. One of the victims Miss. Cong (Lisa) Ma is my God daughter who lived in Billerica, Mass.
(L to R)Youchao Xue, Tian Yujuan, Tian Yujing, and Ma Yuqi at Cong Ma’s house in Billerica, Mass. Ms. Tian and Mr. Ma held pictures of family members died from the car accident (photo by David Li).

The following are media reports of this accident.

At the time, a 2000 white Toyota Pickup truck was traveling at high speed on the right lane northbound on I-75, it began hydroplaning when the driver tried to change lanes. The truck crossed the northbound lanes into the grass median and began to roll over.

The truck then collided with the front of the southbound 2013 Nissan traveling on the slow lane.

According to Florida’s highway patrol, the cab of the Toyota truck was split in half; For the silver Nisan Sedan, their first reaction is to remove the roof to rescue the passengers inside.

In this victimized sedan, sits four Chinese citizens related by blood. The driver Cong (Lisa) Ma, female, 30 years old, works in Massachusetts. She just moved from Lexington to a brand new house in Billerica only a month ago. Her beautiful life was about to start here!

Sun Xinyan, Lisa’s mother, from Shenyang, China, age 57, works in China Medical University in Shenyang. She came to the United States just two weeks ago to participate in the graduation ceremony of her nephew Haijiao.

Sun Xiaoguang, Lisa’s uncle, from Shenyang, China, age 55, he came to the United States just two weeks ago to attend his son Haijiao’s graduation.

Haijiao Sun, male, just graduated from Troy University, son of Xiaoguang, and only 26 years old. He prepared to return to China with his father and aunt on January 20. He has a set of new dreams and ambitions, ready to roll up his sleeves to make a big difference.

They just finished Haijiao’s graduation ceremony. In the driving, they could be talking about their promising future, or the naughty past of Leopard (Haijiao’s Chinese nick name). Or, it’s more likely they might have discussed what should be added to the new house Lisa just bought; They were on their way to Orlando, where they planned to spend a fun week vacationing, and then joined a tour group to travel the East Coast and the West Coast before returning to China.

Lisa’s mother and uncle died at the scene, Lisa and Haijiao were in the ICU-intensive care unit, their bodies covered with tubes, both have not regained consciousness at that time.

On 12/20 morning, Lisa left us forever;
On 12/21 afternoon, Haijiao passed away too.

Dear friends, please join us in praying for them .

Such a tragic accident, broke up this family into death and pieces.

Lisa and Haijiao were both only child in their families.
Lisa’s father and Haijiao’s mother, are here in Massachusetts now living with a great pain in their hearts.

If you would like to help the family, please send the check to

Zhimin Shi c/o Sun Ma family
10 Valley Road, Lexington MA 02421

We are setting up an account for the family.
The money will be deposited to that account as soon as it is created.

Or you can pay to the paypal account :
[email protected]


Zhimin Shi
Lisa’s God mother in Lexington

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