AAPI Community Turns out to Support Martha Coakley for MA Governor

Boston, Oct. 21, 2014, –AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Community held a Rally for the MA Governor Candidate, bringing community members together to utter a collective voice on Oct. 19 in Boston Chinatown with hundreds of AAPI supporters. Governor Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley, who is also the MA Governor Candidate, were the feature speakers. Light receptions and the Chinese lion dance at the Metropolitan Building Courtyard (38 Ash Street, Boston) lightened everybody up in the cold weather.
A.G. Martha Coakley (MA Governor Candidate) offers her passionate talk(all photos provided to bostonese.com).

Other special guests including Steve Kerrigan (MA Lt Governor Candidate), State Representative Tackey Chan, Fitchburg Mayor Lisa Wong, Boston City Councilors of At-Large Michelle Wu, Cambridge City Councilor Leland Cheung, Newton Alderwoman Amy Mah Sangiolo, and Lynn City: Hong Net, also entrepreneurs and culture leaders such as Dr. Tea (Dr. Michael Zhang, Founder of My Love Tea).

With the development of Asia, especially China and India and the awareness of the importance of the participation in the community to make a positive impact on the society, the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Community events like this attracting so many influential figures in MA proves the ability and strength of the community and the interdependence of each other for a better society.

Enormous efforts had been done by the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Community to catch Asian Voters attention and interest to participate in both the interaction. Bilingual voter information went out earlier this week to voters all over Chinatown, Charlestown, South Boston, Fenway, Mission Hill, South End, and Allston-Brighton!

On one hand, it is a great opportunity for the Asian especially the Chinese Community to have a direct access to communicate with the well-achieved and well-respected MA Governor Deval Patrick and to know about the future leader Martha Coakley.

When talking to Governor Deval, you can always see his heart-felt smile, curiosity, courtesy which make people feel warm and relaxed. You know he is relaxed with great achievement and is very trust-worthy in whatever he did or what he is going to do.
It is no wonder he is so much successful and respected by both American and Asian citizens. And his endorsement for Governor Candidate Martha Coakley would be a great plus for her.

Dr. Tea & Governor Deval Patrick discussed about the Chinese and American Culture and History interaction (with Bohea Tea from his hometown being the bridge).

For Governor Candidate Martha Coakley, you can easily feel her passion and caring for those who are in need, through her voice, tongue and gestures which will tell you that she is reliable together with her success as Attorney General. Passion, action and great sense of responsibility will pave the way for her future success.
A.G. Martha Coakley poses with Dr. Tea with great love & passion.

If election is an investment, the warm smile of Martha Coakley and the color of the clothes she wears may give you some hints on how to make the right decision.

On the other hand, this is also a great platform for the Asian, especially Chinese culture leaders and entrepreneurs to show their contribution to the America and the world especially to the highly respected MA Governor Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley, who will probably lead the country and the state to a next high-level. The interaction between both sides will help moving forward a better society.

The conversation between Dr. Tea and Governor Deval Patrick and A.G. Martha Coakley is a great example of Culture mingling. Dr. Tea (Dr. Michael Zhang) is the founder of a green science and culture company called My Love Tea. He finished
his five STEM degrees (including Ph.D. in Nanomedicine: drugs for cancer treatment) and started his own tea company (My Love Tea), integrating the best tea provider,
tea science,culture,engineering,poetry,art, tea ceremony & tea history etc to
form a great culture platform:Mlt: Tea Harvard Science& Culture Community!

He and his company is widely known by the customers and medias (e.g. : China Daily USA) as “Dr. Tea”,being the creator and leader of the world tea culture of Healthy,Harmony,Pure & Nature and the provider of the best quality tea!

Attorney General Martha Coakley (MA Governor Candidate) & My Love Tea Dr. Tea talking about those lectures he give at Harvard about tea culture, art & science

Dr. Tea had given lectures at Harvard University for tea culture, art & science, including the last lecture for the 100 years` history of Harvard School of Public Health and the first lecture for the new 100 years` history of Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.

Dr. Tea was born from and raised up in the best tea production place in the world: Fujian China. He also talks to Governor Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley about the history and interconnection of Bohea tea with the Boston Tea Party, American and world history, and the tea President Thomas Jefferson enjoyed daily.
A.G. Martha Coakley (MA Governor Candidate) & My Love Tea Dr. Tea talking about the President (Thomas Jefferson`s) Tea from his hometown.
Governor Deval Patrick & My Love Tea Dr. Tea talking about the world history and the famous President`s Tea and Governor`s Tea of My Love Tea.

Being supportive to the Asian Society, AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Community holds a Rally for the MA Governor Candidates. And Attorney General Martha Coakley & Steve Kerrigan are the MA (Lt.) Governor Candidates that AAPI support.
Dr. Tea with Karen Chen (right) of Chinese Progressive Association and Sonali Lappin (left), VP at Indian American Forum.

Being the culture leader with great entrepreneurship, My Love Tea Dr. Tea shared President Tea, Governor Tea and Chinese Calligraphy as a culture connection gift between Asia /China and US/MA to Governor Deval Patrick And Attorney General Martha Coakley, showing great respect and wishing for a better US and China Relationship and taking care of the Chinese society and more rooms for the development of the “Healthy, Harmony, Pure &Nature” which My Love Tea Dr. Tea create and lead for a better society.
Chinese Calligraphy and My Love Tea President Tea and Governor Tea are given as a culture connection gift between Asia /China and US/MA by Dr. Tea to Governor Deval Patrick and A.G. Martha Coakley.

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