Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Open to Reform Talks

Hong Kong, Oct. 2, 2014, — Chief Executive CY Leung has reiterated that the Government is willing to discuss constitutional development with the public, as long as it is done peacefully, rationally and in compliance with the Basic Law.

Speaking to the media tonight, Mr Leung said the Government expects to discuss political reform under the Basic Law and the National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s framework.

He noted that Hong Kong will implement universal suffrage only by following the Basic Law and the committee’s decisions.

He also reiterated that he will not resign.

Leung Calls for Calm Protests

Chief Executive CY Leung says the Government will remain tolerant to protesters outside Government offices as long as they stay calm and do not charge Police cordons.

Mr Leung told reporters tonight some protesters planned to surround and occupy Government buildings, including the Chief Executive’s Office, the Central Government Complex, and Police Headquarters, to express their views and seek dialogue.

He said such a move would lead to serious consequences.

He said any police force in the world would not allow major government offices to be occupied or charged at.

Mr Leung noted that most protestors outside the Government’s buildings have been rational and calm, and he appealed to them to remain so.

He reiterated that as long as protestors do not charge at Police cordons, the Government and the Police will allow them to gather around the buildings.

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