Results and Pictures from 9th Annual CNASA Badminton Tournament

The 9th annual Chinese North America Sports Association (CNASA) badminton tournament took place Sunday, November 11 at Rockwell Cage, MIT. As in previous years, there were two simultaneous tournaments: a mixed team tournament and a men’s team tournament.

Award ceremony for mixed A champions. (all photos by Yankai Zhang)

The mixed team tournament consisted of 5 matches between each pair of teams: two Mixed Doubles, a Men’s Double, a Women’s Double and a Men’s Single. The men’s team tournament consisted of 5 matches between each pair of teams: 3 doubles and 2 singles matches. This year’s tournament was the largest to-date, with 11 mixed teams, and 8 men’s teams. The chief referee and main organizer was Maugus’s own Zhiping You, taking a break from his duties as Mutterings puzzlemaster.

The mixed team event was split into A and B levels. Three teams from Maugus participated in the A event, captained by Ai Lean Lim, Mary Zhu, and Sharon Hsu. Ai Lean’s team, pictured above (named RARLYV, after the initials of the team members Rajesh Kolupoli, Ai Lean Lim, Ravi Raveendran, Laszlo Drimusz,
Yin Luo, Vishnu Venkatesh), won the event.

Two teams from Maugus participated in the men’s team event, captained by Wilson Li (above left) and Robert Lee (above right). However, the event was won by the Union team from New Hampshire and RPI. Wilson’s team came in second, and Robert’s team third.

“We are seeking to enhance a dynamic sense between mind and body of self-healthy styles and physical fitness, and to fostering community growth of working stuff and students on the teamwork with their developing pursuits in superior skills. Therefore, the gates of annual CNASA competition events are open to all who are interested. Finally, you are warmly invited to participate in our 2012-2013 sports activities,” said Ying Chang, president of CNASA.

CNASA (The Chinese abbreviation “北美体协”) is dedicated in providing a diverse sports environment to the local Chinese community, to all adults and children, as well in promoting their athletic abilities through out the variety sports opportunities offered by the CNASA committee. CNASA will continually carry on the Olympic spirit, and prohibits discrimination based on race, nationality, sex, age and disabilities.

The website of CNASA is

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