Sixteenth Harvard China Forum Opens for Registration and 2013 MIT-CHIEF Demo Day is on April 6

At Harvard China Forum 2013, business leaders, academics and politicians to discuss key issues concerning the future of China

The Harvard China Forum will hold its annual conference on April 13-­15, 2013 at Harvard University. The Forum this year is entitled “A New Decade“.

Mr. Mao Zhenhua reflects on 20 years of entrepreneurship in China at 15th Harvard China Forum in April 2012.

Registration is now open. The Harvard China Forum is pleased to host a group of extinguished speakers at its 16th conference. Harvard University Provost Alan Garber will be the opening ceremony speaker. Other confirmed speakers include Chen Dongsheng, Chairman & CEO of Taikang Life Insurance, Wang Shi, Chairman of China Vanke, Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun Group, Xu Xiaoping, Managing Partner of Zhen Fund, Xiaoli Meng, Harvard Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences and HBS Professor Emeritus Warren McFarlan.

The presidents of the conference invite the public to join in another exciting year of the Harvard China Forum. For immediate updates, please visit the Harvard China Forum Facebook page:‐China-­Forum/300187173329683?fref=ts For additional information, or to purchase tickets, please visit:

2013 MIT-CHIEF Demo Day @MIT on April 6

MIT-CHIEF (MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum) is a registered entrepreneurship club based in MIT and a most renowned US-China focused platform to connect the entrepreneur, investment and academic communities both in the United States of America and the Greater China Area.

To better empower our entrepreneurs to kick-start their own ventures and succeed, in addition to our annual conference, business plan contest and seminars, we initiated two value-adding programs since 2012: Mentorship Program and Demo Day. The Demo Day is a showcase of our most recent batch of Mentee startups and applicant companies. Each Mentorship Program officially lasts approximately 3 months where our Mentee startups gain access to a wealth of mentorship, consultations, hands-on helping and face-to-face networking opportunities with our partner investors, veteran entrepreneurs, incubators, alumni and professors, etc.

At MIT-CHIEF Demo Day, our best high-tech startups will pitch their promising products and services to an audience of seasoned investors, sponsors, press, students, entrepreneurs and special guests.  At MIT-CHIEF, entrepreneurs are beloved and are our rock-stars. We look forward to seeing you at MIT!

Demo Day Agenda

First Half of the Demos (5 teams):                                           1:00PM-2:30PM.

First Session of the Reception and Interaction:                           2:30PM-3:00PM.

Second Half of the Demos (5 teams):                                        3:00PM-4:30PM.

Special Guests Discussion and Annoucement of the “Winner”:   4:30PM-5:30PM

Second Session of the Reception and Interaction:                      5:30PM-6:00PM


Demos, Demos, Demos! Some of our Demos are from:

Around-Sensing (Boston University, Stanford, Harvard)

Around-Sensing is a healthcare company focusing on developing portable sensing devices and sensor-based App to monitor environmental and personal health.


Supported by The SeaSteading Institute, Blueseed is a startup community venture backed by Floodgate Fund, Correlation Ventures, ZhenFund and others, to create the world’s first startup community on a ship in international waters near Silicon Valley.

FLASK DESIGN (Rohde Island School of Design, MIT)

Flask Design is a product design collaboration target to engage with disruptive technologies (wearable technology, medical devices).

Graphene Frontiers (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA)

Graphene promises to revolutionize everything from scientific instruments to consumer electronics.

GroupXi (Harvard)

GroupXi is a taxi grouping service. Using proprietary GPS and payment service, GroupXi is able to deliver the trouping services to dense populated and congested city. The main advantages of the service are cheaper cost for passengers and better earning for drivers.


Accelerate histopathology for cancer research, and to fight cancer cooperatively instead of individually by connecting scientists and pathologists for online collaboration. They already have first customers and made ends meet at the end of their first month!


Waste plastic to green oil. PolymerGreen differentiates itself with 1) a patented catalyst, 2) and optimized process enabling low capital and operating costs, and 3) a high-quality product ready and qualified for engine combustion.

Sodium Energy(MIT)

Sodium Energy developed a new Aqueous Sodium-ion battery system that provides safe and sustainable energy to stabilize the electricity grid. Sodium Energy provides a superior solution for low cost, environmental friendliness, and fast response.

Truonex (MIT Media Lab)                                                                 

Truonex is the “Behance for engineers”.  It is a web platform that allows engineers and researchers to more effectively share their projects and more efficiently discover others’ work in the community. Truonex is the blend of efficiency and engagement tailored for busy engineers by “designgineers”.

TwiThinks (MIT, University of Chicago)

TwiThinks aims to create a web service that discovers social intelligence from big data. They monitored the 2012 Presidential election and gun control debates on Twitter, and the predications were almost accurate!

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