The 2021 FUTEX Futuretech Award Calls for Top-notch Technology!

Boston, June 18, 2021, — While the world struggles with extreme weather and post-epidemic era, Taiwan is battling multiple social and economic issues such as the energy crisis, aging society, and low birth rate. However, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. It is a critical moment to join the global technology race.

In recent years, the government is actively planning for the blueprint of 2030 “innovation, inclusiveness and sustainability”. By taking preemptive preparations, accelerating industrial transformation, and promoting innovation, Taiwan is expected to lead in the global supply chain restructuring process and become a key force in the future global economy.

In the overall ecological chain, both academia and industry play a vital role. The Ministry of Science and Technology collaborates with the Academia Sinica, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare to build the Future Tech Pavilion (FUTEX) at the Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE). The FUTEX attracts top-class technology and scientific research to join the exhibition and serves as a
bridge connecting academia, research and development, and industry.

Searching for target technology fitting industrial needs, the 5th annual “Futuretech Award” begins to accept applications until July 7, 2021. All projects supported by the grant programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Academia Sinica, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health and
Welfare are qualified to compete for the award. Technology in the field of precision health, pandemic prevention, and aerospace are highly encouraged to apply.

This award will be evaluated in two criteria:
(1) scientific breakthrough: the technology is in the world-leading positions, novel scientific research different from existing thinking, and technological breakthroughs.
(2) industrial practicability: the technology is compatible with market demand, can create future economic benefits, and has the potential in industry-academia collaborations, interdisciplinary applications as well as establishing innovative models. The final technology will be selected through a rigorous selection process.

The Futuretech Award winners will have the opportunity to display the technology and the research and development results at the 2021 TIE-FUTEX. The Futuretech Award winners will be awarded the prize of NTD 10,000. Project hosts can list this award as a bonus item when applying for the grant program in the future. Please visit FUTEX website for more information and online application (

Destructive and innovative thinking is critical when responding to the post-epidemic era. This year, the FUTEX 2021 exhibition will gather and showcase innovative technology from the academia and research community in diversified formats. The FUTEX 2021 will be held from October 14th to October 16th, focusing on the digital transformation theme and technology such as precision health, aerospace, 5G, AI and semiconductors, and other technologies that can drive industrial innovation and promote international collaboration.

The 2020 FUTEX has achieved outstanding results, creating more than 270 million merging business opportunities. As the largest connecting platform among academia, research, and industry, the FUTEX exhibition has been highly valued and enthusiastic responses by the government and the technology industry.

For detailed information about the exhibition, please follow the Facebook Fan Page: or join the official Line account: @futex

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