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By David Li,

The Year of Snake ended a few days ago when the Year of Horse started on Jan. 31, 2014. We would like to sincerely thank our reporters, columnists, editors, photographers and other contributors for their hard work over past 12 months. We will never forget the chaos and heartbreak after the Marathon bombings, never allow hate speech against Asian Americans to be unchallenged, and never hesitate to give voices to those who needed the most. Working together, we move Boston forward.
Some pictures published on during the week of April 15, 2013.

Among the 1,000 or so English and Chinese reports published on in the Year of Snake, the following is the top 50 most viewed English reports and top 50 most viewed Chinese reports. Many of these reports have received rave reviews and been quoted by other media outlets. With the support of our readers, advertisers and sponsors, has become the largest Boston-based Asian American news website.

Top 50 English reports in the past 12 months:

Pianist George Li of Lexington on His Admissions to Harvard, Yale and Other Top Schools
BU Student Lingzi Lu Still Missing after Watching 2013 Boston Marathon, Team BCNC Safe Home
Lexington Chinese Community Reaches out to Families of Tragic Accident, Calls for Donations
Donations Called for Families of Four Chinese Victims of Fatal Car Accident
Fear Rises as Brutal “Knockout Game” Spreads
Go Sox and Protest ABC, Rolling Rallies Rock Boston
Catherine Ho Wins Inaugural Miss Asian Las Vegas
Iris Zhao Wins Gold at 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships
Heng Nikita Guo, We Will Always Remember Your Beautiful Smile
NYU Student Leah Li Wins 56th Miss Chinatown USA Pageant
Two Bombs Rock 117th Boston Marathon
Acton’s Iris Zhao Qualifies for U.S. Figure Skating Championships
China Shocks the Supercomputer Community Again with HUST’s HPL Championship at ISC 2013
BU Today — Memorial Service for Lingzi Lu
World War II Veteran Arthur Wong Joins Protest Against ABC in Boston Common
No Look Pass – A Sure Hit in Its Boston Premiere at Brattle Theatre
Ms. Xiaojie Li to Appear in Nashua Court Today after Taser Arrest
BCPA Ends 2013 with Indoors Photography Event and Lecture
Pictures from Last Week of 2012-2013 BCTC Winter Tennis League
Called Ambassador of Go, Chang Hao Charmed Many at 2013 ACGA Spring Go Expo
Picture of CAAL Family Featured on Boston Globe
Grand Dance Drama The Embroidery Girl Makes Boston Debut on May 26
Bio of Dr. James S.C. Chao, The Inaugural CAAPS Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Raquel Olssen – From BU Grad To TV Star at CCTV News International
Dance around the World Headlines More Than 30 Weekend Events in Lexington, March 16-17
Qinghua Peter Lu Is Remembered as Loving Father
Angel Dance Company Brings Splendid Colors to Boston’s Spring
Seven Days of Chinese New Year in Beautiful Pictures
2014 IEEE Fellows Include Twenty from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
ACLS Marks Ten Year Anniversary with Day-long Celebrations
Lucky 8! Lexington 8th-grader Alec Sun Wins 2013 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Champion
Japan’s Go Ambassador Narumi Osawa Visits Hua Xia Chinese School
Dragon Dance, Mask Changing and Shaolin Kungfu, Highlights from 2013 Westwood Chinese Cultural Night
Song Zuying’s Radio City Music Hall Concert — Picture Perfect
Four Chinese University Reunion on a Perfect Autumn Day in Boston
Boston Marches Forward as Year of Snake Ends
Michelle Wu Wins Boston City Council At-Large Race
North American Chinese Soccer League – A Brief History
2013 Lunar New Year Gala Brought to You by New England Chinese Professionals
Amy Kao — An American Beauty
Willy Wu and Betsy Pu Win Lincoln Labs National Education Competition
Pictures from 2013 GBCCA Chinese Music Ensembles Spring Concert
South End Resident Michelle Wu Files for Boston City Council At-Large
Arthur Wong Receives Second Bronze Star
Gansu Dance Theatre Brings Splendid Silk Road to the Hanover Theatre
Berklee’s Yazhi Guo, Winner of 2012 Hong Kong Best Artist Award
After A Little Night Dancing, Commonwealth Ballet To Present Intrigue on March 16-17
A Celebration of History and Diversity — Pictures and Video from Dance around the World at Lexington High School
Newspaper Ad Calls ABC to Fire Jimmy Kimmel
Xiaojie Li Cleared of Trespassing Charge in Nashua Apple Store Taser Arrest Incident

Top 50 Chinese reports in the past 12 months:

车祸无情人有情 波士顿华人全力帮助马聪、孙海鲛家人
室友、同学追思吕令子 分享生活点滴
曾献艺白宫 钢琴天才黎卓宇被哈佛、耶鲁等四名校录取
暴风雪压境 波士顿、纽约告急
2013大波士顿学区排名 西北郊城镇前25名过半
亚裔运动员无缘冬奥会 波士顿环球报报道被指不公
买iPhone被警察电击 李晓洁非法入侵指控不成立
月底来访 波士顿掀起李安电影热
吕令子父母与媒体见面(视频) 出席吕令子千人追悼会
已经被MIT等名校录取 华人女高中生命丧伊顿山谷
苏晨晨毕业后罹患淋巴癌 NUCSSA呼吁紧急捐款
“微信之父”张小龙 华中科大走出的软件大师
第一届波士顿好声音大赛李龙夺冠 艾克顿中文学校十周年庆周六举行
陪审团判2400万赔偿金 华人家庭至少得到500万
爱国留学生发起 波士顿中国和平统一促进会正式成立
芝城华商会亲善大使选美 21岁大学生夺冠
美东地区中国“国家优秀自费留学生奖学金” 波士顿留学生占获奖者三成
世界冠军常昊献艺哈佛 聂卫平赞其为围棋形象大使
吕令子家人抵波 崔天凯大使机场迎接 千人追悼会22日举行
分蛋糕、吃月饼 波士顿孔子学院庆中秋佳节、纪念孔子诞辰